Planting grass on bare, semi-shaded area

Asked February 19, 2017, 4:24 PM EST

I recently took ownership of a house and large yard that has been in a state of neglect for two or three decades. As such, the back of the lawn closest the fence was covered in a vine of some sort. There are a few trees in that area. That vine has largely been pulled up and the ground now bare. I've never planted grass seed before and I only recently moved to Lexington, Kentucky. I understand tall fescue is the best to plant in this zone and that fall is recommended for planting, but spring is second best. What should I use and how should I plant including advise on fertilization?

Fayette County Kentucky

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Hello. Thank you for your question. I have included the contact information for the Fayette County Extension Service. Please feel free to contact the Horticulture Agent.

Jamie A Dockery

Extension Agent