Bottle brush tree

Asked February 17, 2017, 6:10 PM EST

We are putting in a pool and spa and right now we have a 9ft. bottle brush tree that is next to the spa. do we move it so as not to cause a lot of leaf dropping into the spa or should we leave it and put a root barrier around it? If we move it, will it have a good chance of survival? We are needing to know sooner than 48 hours since they will be starting the deck tomorrow. Thanks for your help

Fort Bend County Texas

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Both ways don't sound too good. Transplanting an established plant is quite difficult as the root system will be significant. Other ways, the construction around the existing location will more than likely cause a significant amount of stress, which may be seen as increased leaf drop. Lot's of ways to go, but I would suggest the best is to remove the plant entirely and replant the landscape accordingly once the construction is complete.

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