Vole damage in lawn

Asked February 17, 2017, 3:20 PM EST

Every spring we notice a few trails in the lawn from voles. We basically rake out the dead grass, and it re-grows. However, with the snow gone, we now have trails but also many places with heaps of piled up grass and large patches of bare dirt. We have never seen anything like this destruction. We are wondering if the fall fertilizer would attract more voles to our lawn if it wasn't fully dissolved? Are there any measures we should take in the fall before the snow falls to discourage their presence?

Brown County South Dakota

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Fertilizer is probably not going to attract Voles. John Balls recommendation is as follows:

The best management tactic for voles in small plantings is to trap them out. Mouse traps with peanut butter can be used. For larger plantings, such as windbreaks, vole populations can be reduced with toxic baits. The baits are placed in bait stations to reduce the risk to non-targeted animals. Also placing baits in holes, rather than stations, is time consuming and voles are very sensitive to disturbances in their tunnels and may avoid the baits. Toxic baits are generally on the restricted pesticide list but some are available under general use. Baits are most effective when used in early spring when other food sources are limited. Baits must be frequently check and replenished as it often takes several feedings to kill. Some baits also have a bitter flavor so it’s best to increase the attraction to the stations with a few days of placing oats or other grains to get the voles used to come to the stations for food. There are also vole repellents but these provide only short-term protection. - See more at: http://igrow.org/gardens/gardening/vole-damage-to-junipers-other-small-trees/#sthash.zQoVF3cA.dpuf