Seizure in Pastured swine

Asked February 17, 2017, 12:13 AM EST

I am having the exact same issues as another woman posted about her 6 month old kunekunes having seizures a year ago. I'm not near highways or getting any run off thou. They are eating Purina pig and sow food and have plenty of water and a shelter they can get into. I have not wormed them or given them shots recently. I'm wondering if its a genetic issue, pneumonia or if it has something to do with all the rain we have been getting. My pasture is muddy and has a little standing water in some spots . He was wet and shivering when I went out to feed my pigs. He has 1 brother in the pasture that was starting to press his head into the corner and the other brother and mother seem just fine. His eyes where non responsive to light. No interest in food or water. I saw him having a grand mal seizure in his pig hut. I moved him inside to a big dog crate with his own heat light and food and water inside. He seemed to be having a Petit mal seizure where he looked like he was staring off into space and pressing his head against the wall. I wish I knew what the other woman found out about the necropsy of her gilt. Any suggestions?

Clackamas County Oregon

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Did the seizing pig recover or die? I am suspicious of bacterial meningitis, usually caused by Strep. suis. There are prevention measures and treatment available if the diagnosis is established.