lawn care in Feb and March

Asked February 16, 2017, 2:50 PM EST

Can you please tell me what lawn treatments should be done in Feb and March. We have mostly zoysia in the front lawn. Don't know exactly what kind of grass is in the backyard, but it doesn't turn brown like zoysia. Also, do you happen to have a document that describes general month by month lawn and gardening things to do in Northern Delaware. Thank you. Marcia Adato

New Castle County Delaware lawns and turf winter lawn care

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Zoysia is a warm season grass and can be fertilized a week or two after the last frost which is usually in Mid-May. It sounds like you have cool season grass in the backyard which does not need spring fertilizing. If you have not tested your lawn soil in the last three years, we recommend that you do that before using any fertilizer. Information about the soil testing service at UD can be found at If you need assistance interpreting the results, call the Master Gardener Garden Line at 302-8310-8862. You may also be interested in the Livable Lawns publication that can be read and downloaded at You will find a Delaware Monthly Garden Planning Guide at If you are still at the same address as when Master Gardeners visited you in 2013, I will see if I can find a monthly gardening calendar (they are now out of print) and send it to you.

Thank you!