High potassium in water

Asked February 16, 2017, 1:10 PM EST

Our well water tested higher than normal (1.8 with 1 being limit). I am planning my very first vegetable garden. We had lower field soil tested and it showed high potassium. 1. Is high potassium a problem for vegetables? 2. Should I ammend garden area with something? I tried to find information on internet but apparently I am not searching properly. 3. Can you suggest reading material to help me with this. Any suggestions would be very helpful. We are both new to this farming life and learning as much as possible to succeed. Thank you for your time. Dawn Vilarino

Klamath County Oregon

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Hello, thank you for using Ask an Expert for your question about potential Potassium toxicity in vegetables. The short answer is not to worry too much. Vegetables are pretty heavy feeders of potassium. If you choose to apply fertilizer, you can find one that does not add additional potassium to the soil (low or zero for the last number. ) The links above provide additional info: page 13 of the second document is most relevant. If there is too much potassium for the plants, it actually interferes with the uptake of other nutrients, and this would be your clue. Most vegetables are not going to have an issue, but cucurbits will be the most susceptible to high potassium, and it would show up right away in the seedlings. Since you mentioned this is your first vegetable garden, I've attached a flyer about some upcoming classes we are holding about fruit and vegetable gardening. All classes are free!
I hope you find this helpful, Nicole