pruning in warm winter temps

Asked February 16, 2017, 11:25 AM EST

Hi. I normally prune my fruit and deciduous trees this time of year, but it's so hot! Should I wait until it gets cold again so that the cuts don't invite tree damage. I'm guessing the dormancy of the tree is altered now.

Larimer County Colorado

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It's difficult to tell if the warm weather is truly affecting the dormancy of these plants. We are seeing swelling buds (and flowering with silver maples), but now is still the best time to prune. You can wait for the weather to cool back down, as we're sure to get additional freezing temperatures and winter again. But definitely prune prior to the majority of budbreak. Or wait until mid-summer, after the leaves have hardened, to prune your trees. If you have fruit trees prone to fire blight, prune them in the early spring (not in summer).