Aloe plant outgrows pot

Asked February 15, 2017, 3:20 PM EST

I have this aloe plant with a curvy stem that has now outgrown its pot. I want to keep it in the same sized pot. It's now wobbly. What can I do?

St. Mary's County Maryland houseplants aloe overgrown aloe aloe with bare stalk

2 Responses

Some possibilities:

The pot looks like it is not very full of potting soil. You could try adding soil to the pot to support the stem better. Leafless aloe stem can be buried under the soil, though aloe offshoots (baby aloe rosettes) at the base cannot be buried. We see no offshoots on your aloe, so that should not be a problem. Because your stem is curved already, you could fold it into the soil in such a way that not much stem rises above the potting soil.

Another option: Aloes can be propagated by cutting off the top of the plant (terminal), along with a few inches of the stem, and rooting that in a pot. Here is a webpage that explains that method:

Or, throw this one out and buy a new plant. Many species of houseplants often become top heavy on bare stalks and starting over is probably the easiest solution.


Thank you so much! This is the help I was looking for, and I really appreciate the link to the attachment on how to promulgate houseplants!