Can we help the bees currently out in February?

Asked February 15, 2017, 12:55 PM EST

Our compost has been covered with honey bees lately with this extended, unseasonably warm weather. There clearly is nothing blooming for them to eat, though if this keeps up I'm wondering if I'll start seeing our early snowdrift popping up. Is there anything we can do to provide a food source for these active bees in the absence of flowering plants? I was wondering if I could put out a tray of sugar water or something, but I don't want them to drown. Any ideas would be appreciated. We live on a large plot near an orchard and usually have a lot of early blooms for the bees when the weather warms, but not in February!
Thank you for your feedback.

Larimer County Colorado

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Hi Mary,

Actually, the silver maples are blooming, which are an early food source for bees.

I am not an expert on what you can supplementally feed bees, so I suggest you contact the Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association: