Growing Tomatoes on the Oregon Coast

Asked February 14, 2017, 11:09 PM EST

What variety of tomato grows well on the Oregon coast? I'm about 5 miles from the ocean (I live in Warrenton Oregon). I am looking to get some sort of cold frame setup to shelter the 1-3 plants, but it probably won't be very tall so a low bushy tomato would work best I'm thinking. I'm from Oklahoma / Arkansas and haven't had any success growing a darn thing. :-P lol, but will try again this year! I would love to make my own salsa. Thanks in advance - Paula

Clatsop County Oregon horticulture tomatoes

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You and a lot of others have a difficult time growing tomatoes on the N. Oregon coast and I am right in there with you!
Early Girl and Sweet 100's are two varieties that you may have success with. The rule of thumb is, the smaller the tomato the shorter the number of days to maturity. A short maturity is what you need to look at when selecting your plants. Your local nursery can help with your choices.
You may also consider growing your tomatoes in containers or raised beds as the soil will warm up faster and you will not have to fight soil with heavy clay or too much sand. Yes, sheltering them or using a "wall of water" is a good idea too.

Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy some home made salsa!