Honey locust pod prevention?

Asked February 13, 2017, 4:34 PM EST

Hi, is there a spray I can do to prevent my tree from making all those pods? And if so, where can I get it and when can I do it?

Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Those darn pods! I sympathize with your situation. I have 4 honeylocust trees, and picking up the pods is always a chore this time of year. Not to mention the mess from the squirrels who love the seeds for winter food.

There are chemicals available to reduce fruit set on ornamental trees and shrubs. I would check with a better garden center for a product with the active ingredient ethephon. However, spraying won't guarantee complete effectiveness, and the spraying must be done annually. If you choose to apply the chemical yourself, please follow specific label directions for application rates and safety information.

The spray must be applied at the proper time, in late May or early June.

It may make sense to consult with an arborist about the application. They will have spray equipment that can cover large trees more effectively than most homeowners can.

Ethephon has been shown to damage metal, so be careful handling, or spraying the chemical around cars, or other stored metal items.