Dethatching and overseeding lawn

Asked February 13, 2017, 10:06 AM EST

I failed to work my 4,000 sq ft lawn in the fall. Can I dethatch and over seed in Febuary with good results. There is little traffic so getting it established shouldn't be a problem. What kind of seed is the least amount of maintenance, it is mostly sun with some shade mixed in.Soil test said add some lime and ninitrogen in the spring I should admit I have no interest in grass, just so it looks presentable. I live for my vegetable garden. THANKS

Wicomico County Maryland

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In general, a Dethatching machine is used if you have a grass with rhizomes like bluegrass or zoysia. Usually a lawn renovation machine such as a core aerator is best used in the fall for turf type tall fescue grasses. The ground is soft enough to core aerate and over seed in the spring (March). However, the grass has to grow and survive the stresses of summer. It is possible, you may need to do some overseeding again in the fall, if you seed this spring. Or You can seed bare spots this spring and core aerate and over seed in the fall.

The best type of grass for full sun to part shade is turf type tall fescue. You can core aerate, lime, fertilize, and seed according to soil test recommendations. Look at our website for information on fertilizing home lawns. Usually the best time to fertilize is the fall. However, if you have not fertilized this past fall, you can fertilize this spring. There is a New Fertilizer and Use Act of 2011. This act limits the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that wash or leach into the Chesapeake Bay.
See the attached publications on fertilizing and lawn renovation for more information

Look at our turfgrass maintenance calendar for care throughout the year

I just want to do the minimun to make the lawn look respectable and I got enough information from the answer for that.