Food waste for animal feed

Asked February 13, 2017, 9:46 AM EST

Hello, my company has about 60 pounds of café food scrap a day. We used to give this food waste to a pig farmer who worked here, but he left and slaughtered his pigs. We would like to continue to donate our food waste to a pig farm but are unsure of how to find a certified pig farmer whom would want to take our food waste. Please contact me at or 717-944-1300 x 3761. Thank you!

Dauphin County Pennsylvania

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Most commercial swine feeders are feeding mixed grain feeds from feed mills. That being said there are a few garbage feeders that have to register with the state. I am not sure if the state can connect you to a garbage feeder in you location. Contact the PA department of Agriculture:
Brad Tobin
(717) 787-5101

Thanks, G.