dragon fruit

Asked February 12, 2017, 7:26 PM EST

I inherited a dragon fruit plant my first it has 3 stems in a line, can I separate them and put in a circle so a stake can be in the middle thank u they r about 8 inches tall about nickel size around.

Williams County Ohio

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Thanks for your question on growing your new dragon fruit.

The dragon fruit is the edible fruit of a cactus, Hylocereus undatus or similar species.
To answer your question, it depends on the plant. If the plants were started from seed or cuttings, then you could successfully transplant them into the circle. You would simply wash the soil from the roots and repot them into the desired configuration. However, if the plants are all coming up from the same crown, then you would need to do a stem cutting to move them into the new shape. You could simply wash away some of the soil carefully from the surface to see where the stems are coming from.

I am including a fact sheet about dragon fruit from the University of Florida (since the plant is a tropical plant, this is the best information for you). The fact sheet provides good care information for your plant.


Enjoy growing your plant and thanks for the question.