Small black bugs on inside of backdoor

Asked February 12, 2017, 3:03 PM EST

I found a swarm of small black bugs that appeard to have small wings crawling around on the floor just inside our backdoor. I was able to kill them with flying insect spray. Curious as to what they are to figure out if we have a possible problem on our hands.

Nelson County Kentucky

2 Responses

The insect is a beetle of some type. I am not able to blow the picture up enough to know exactly what species it is.

The fact that you found these only by the door leads me to think that these are not any type of carpet beetle. It also doesn't look exactly like most of the beetles that often infest dry foods.

Have you brought any firewood indoors this winter? There are numerous beetles that can infest a tree, and can come out of dormancy once the logs they are in are brought into a warm area. These cause no damage to the cured and treated lumber in your home. They will try to escape to look for a live tree to attack. Often they are attracted to light, such as windows and doors.

I would vacuum these up, and keep your eyes open for more of them. If you have any firewood stacked inside, move it back outdoors, away from doors and windows. You might also want to check any cereal products, flour, or dry pet food for insect infestations, and throw it out if they are infested.

Good luck!

Thank you for the quick response. We do keep a few pieces of firewood in a bucket next to the fireplace, I guess one of those pieces of wood had some inhabitants. I'll take your advice and move the bucket outside.