Neighboring property bamboo growth on a potential real estate purchase

Asked February 12, 2017, 1:46 PM EST

Hi, I am interested in a property that has a large growth of bamboo 15 feet away from the side of the house. It has about 30 ft tall stalks and flanks the property line. You can see where mature stalks were cut, growing against the face of the foundation. The cluster was of about 8 stalks approximately 1/2-1 inches wide. I am curious to the depth of the roots next to the house and if there is potential to penetrate the foundation. There are also visible rhizomes growing towards the house with intermittent sprouts. I'm wondering if there is a reasonable way to find out if there is property damage already, how to control the growth of the bamboo, and to identify if it is running or clumping. So far I have researched several trenching and barrier techniques accompanied with rock salt. However, the main concern is if the stalks next to the house have already jeopardized the purchase and safety of the structure in the future, and if there would be hope to continue pursuing this property.

Baltimore County Maryland

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The bamboo looks to be a running type. We really cannot comment on the foundation. The best recommendation would be to contact a building inspector to look for any damage. If you want to purchase the house, you will have to research costs on getting rid of the bamboo or keeping it. Look for landscapers that specialize in bamboo removal. You will have to decide if you want to pay to get rid of the bamboo. It will take heavy equipment such as a backhoe to dig it up. This will need to be monitored for several years for regrowth. If you want to keep it, you will need a backhoe to trench and put in a barrier. This will require maintenance.
If you decide to purchase the house you can work the cost into your bid to get rid of it or control the bamboo.

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