East Facing Foundation Garden

Asked February 12, 2017, 10:00 AM EST

I am starting a garden that only had landscape rocks which we removed and added compost and soil and mulch to. It's on the east side of the front of my house so it gets good morning sun and some dappled later. I am looking for perennial plants and shrubs that bloom all season and am need of advice on what to select. I would like some taller for the back against the house approx 5-6 ft, and some shorter in front of those. Prolific, all season blooming is my aim, low maintenance as far as deadheading. I am in Duluth, so zone 4.

St. Louis County Minnesota

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You need to be aware that what you have is a partially shaded/sunny area. You will need plants that are tolerant of those conditions. Also, shrubs and perennials have a bloom time. The only plants that will bloom continuously are annuals as they are trying to set seed before they die. I am giving you a link to our Plants for Tough Sites publication. This lists plants/shrubs/trees for all conditions along with the conditions needed to grow. On perennials, it also lists when they bloom and for how long. Also, consider going to your local full service garden center/nursery and request help from them. They will know what grows well in your area. http://www.extension.umn.edu/Garden/yard-garden/landscaping/best-plants-for-tough-sites/docs/08464-c...