Fig trees

Asked February 11, 2017, 11:16 AM EST

This winter we bought a home in Salisbury MD 21801. This spring we would like to set out two fig trees and one cherry tree. Do fig trees come male/female? Should we look for a specific variety? What type of soil, sunlight, water requirements do these trees need?

Wicomico County Maryland

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Winter hardy figs are seedless, producing their fruits parthenocarpically. They are not male/female. Look at our website for more information on recommended varieties, culture, winter protection, etc.

There are two types of cherry trees, sweet and tart. They can be susceptible to insect and disease issues, especially brown, rot, a fungal disease. Eventually they will require a spray schedule for control.

Most sweet cherries are generally self-unfruitful and require pollen from another variety within 100 feet to produce a good crop. Ornamental flowering fruit trees may provide needed pollen for good fruit set if their bloom period overlaps with the fruit trees.
Sour cherries are self-fruitful. They do not require cross pollination but do require bee activity for the best fruit set.
See our website for more information on stone fruits