Need help with fencing

Asked February 11, 2017, 11:00 AM EST

Hi I grow food to eat it as I'm on a limited budget. I rent an apartment on an estate & have a sizable plot that I've gardened for several years. I have plastic mesh fencing around it. My problem is the lawn service bombs my plot with grass clippings from all sides. I ask my landlord & the lawn guys every year if they could aim the mowers away from the garden instead of at it, to no avail. They laugh it off & say it good mulch. Its very frustrating, my entire garden is seeded with grass & weeds once a week. Leafy plants, vegetables, fruit are coated with grass promoting rot & seedlings & blooms destroyed by the forceful blasts of exhaust & clippings. If I had $1000's of dollars I would install solid fencing panels but they are cost prohibitive at $80-$100 ea for 6 feet. I tried black construction silt fencing but was told it was too ugly to keep up. I have a few row covers but cant cover it all & they are expensive. I buy garden fabric to try & cover between rows but the fabric & staples are also expensive...A friend told me about chicken wire that is encased in plastic? I searched for this but haven't found it... I'm at my wits end. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland

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Here are some suggestions. Perhaps you can plant buffer strips 3-4 feet wide on the long areas. Plant pollinator strips or a double row of sunflowers.

You may also be interested in trying micro mesh (example: Territorial Seed Company). This is like a row cover which excludes small insects but will not trap excess heat in mid-summer like row covers.