Spider mites on my hop plants

Asked February 10, 2017, 1:42 PM EST

How do I get rid of spider mites on my hops? I have tried insecticides and Neem oil per directions and still the mites prevail. I sprayed the trellises and ground in early spring and sprout stage following with biweekly spraying a during the growing season. I have Cascade, Willamette, Columbus, and Sterling. They grow well until mid summer then get devistated buy the mites. The mites are the two spotted type. Any thoughts? You may call me if you wish 503-246-4588.
Thank You, Marty Sevier

Washington County Oregon

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It would be most helpful if you were able to attach a photo of the insects in question so we can provide an answer based upon their identification.
Thank You for your interest!


I did locate this reference which may provide some assistance. If you require further helpI can suggest that you contact the OSU Extension Center in Washington Countyat 503-832-1150 and extension.oregonstate.edu/washington and speak directly with Master Gardeners and they can use their online and hardcover resources to help answer your question as to why none of your interventions are working.