Asked February 10, 2017, 1:28 PM EST

what kind of tomatoes are there that don't grow tall also why do my radishes grow all tops and very small radish?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. There are two types of tomatoes; determinate varieties that stop growing and bearing fruit at a certain point and remain shorter than indeterminate ones that continue to grow throughout the season, often becoming very large and producing fruit until the weather cools. Look for tomato plants and seed that have the designation determinate and you will get smaller plants. There are even very miniature determinate plants that can be fun to grow. Read more here to learn about the two tomato types:

I sympathize with your frustration in growing radishes. For a vegetable that seems like it should be so easy to grow, it presents challenges and many people have asked the same question you have. Here is succinct answer another Expert provided in the past that I hope you find helpful:

Here are the usual reasons given to account for such failures:

1. Not enough sun. Radishes require at least six hours of direct sunlight.
2. Too crowded. Plants must be thinned to allow space for bulb development. Allow 2-3 inches between plants.
3. Too much nitrogen and/or not enough potassium. Perhaps you fertilized?
4. Not enough moisture.
5. Too much heat. Radishes grow best when it's cool (spring and fall).

It might not make a difference, but when you grow radishes again, try another variety.

Thank you for contacting Extension.