Spacing for rhubarb plants

Asked February 10, 2017, 10:39 AM EST

1.I want to start a new rhubarb plot. What is the proper spacimg between the plants?

2. My old rhubarb plot is 40 years old. Should I start all over and buy new plants?

3. I will start a new patch in another part of my garden.

4. Thanks in advance for your help.

Denver County Colorado

1 Response

Resetting your rhubarb sounds like a great idea if it has not been done for 40 years but there's no reason to buy new plants unless you want to. You can spade up your plants and divide the crowns, leaving 3 or 4 eyes, or buds, on each crown. If your patch has more than one row, make the rows 5' apart. Within the row, plant the crowns 3-4' apart. Set the crowns about 4" deep.