Goat meat

Asked February 9, 2017, 6:46 PM EST

We have been treating several goats that have hoof rot. We have been using Dr Naylor liquid with an active ingredient of zinc sulfate. My question: Is there any danger or harm in selling the goats for meat consumption?


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Hi -- I'm confused because this exact question was already asked and answered about a week ago. See below.

Hi -- you are in luck for two reasons: this product is approved for use in goats AND according to the manufacturer, there is no withholding period required. It took me a little work, but I found the product label at https://www.drugs.com/vet/dr-naylor-hoof-n-heel.html (online images of the product itself were too small for me to be able to read). If you click on the link to the label, you can confirm it is approved for use and goats and there is no withholding.

You are doing the right thing by culling animals that did not respond to treatment. You can read an excellent foot rot treatment and control protocol at https://extension.umaine.edu/sheep/report/ (scroll down to materials and methods). Best wishes,