I made sauerkraut in a crock- it is delicious, best I've ever made. I packed...

Asked February 9, 2017, 1:57 PM EST

I made sauerkraut in a crock- it is delicious, best I've ever made. I packed it into quart jars, adding the brine from the crock to cover. But I forgot to run a knife down the sides to get out all the air bubbles. After processing in a hot water canner for 25 minutes, the kraut is dry. Will it keep this way? Or do I need to open the jars, add brine and then can they be re-processed? Actually, I put the extra brine in the partial jar of leftover kraut in the fridge, and it is also dry. Why is the kraut absorbing the liquid now, when it soaked in it for a whole month?

Trumbull County Ohio

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Congratulations on the tasty sauerkraut!

I just received this question. Did you hot pack the sauerkraut before you added it to the quart canning jars? If you did, you want to bring the sauerkraut slowly to a boil, stirring frequently. The USDA guidelines for sauerkraut are fill jars firmly with kraut and liquid and leave 1/2 inch headspace. Process 15 minutes for quarts and 10 minutes for pints.

Did you keep a plate or some type of weight on the kraut while it was brining in the crock? You do want to keep the cabbage submerge during this process. The kraut was over processed by 10 minutes and that is accounting for your loss of liquid. We don't recommend using the kraut that is dry. You want to be safe with home preserved foods.

Here is a link to the USDA food preservation recommendations for sauerkraut.


All the best with future sauerkraut endeavors!