Ash Tree Problem

Asked February 9, 2017, 1:12 PM EST

My ash tree is about 40 years old. Last year I noticed some bark falling off of the limbs. Last Fall I called two arborists for advice. Each one said that something was causing the bark to fall off the limbs. The tree is dying because of it. No ash borers evident. The trunk seems perfectly healthy.

Johnson County Iowa

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i would see if you could get mark vitosh out to look at the tree. he can be reached at 319-351-8886. he is the IDNR district forester and he knows his stuff. could you send me some photos of the tree? also has there been any construction near the root system of the tree in the last 10 years? (new water,sewere, power lines dug in, new sidewalks or roads etc?

if you can email pictures please send them directly to my email at


Re. Ash Tree

I called Mark Vitosh. He will come by when he can. Thanks.