Can you help me Please ?

Asked February 7, 2017, 4:43 PM EST

Sirs and madams, I noticed the bark coming off as well as those whitish splotches on the branches of my dogwood. Does it look like it has a disease and if so what type and is it treatable? Thanks,

Baltimore County Maryland

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The whitish splotches are normal and not of concern.

The peeling bark however, is not a good thing. Trees need their bark to uptake water and nutrients needed to live.
It's impossible to tell exactly what is going on with your tree just from your photos, but it is likely a combination of factors.
What is the black hose-like thing running nearby?
It does look like the tree is planted too deeply, which can kill a tree slowly over time. Trees naturally 'flare' or grow wider at the point where the roots go into the ground.... this 'root collar' is not visible.
How does the tree look during the growing season? Is the canopy full with leaves of the right size and color? Is new growth evident? Or is the canopy thin with a lot of dead branches?
Keep watch on your tree this spring, and keep in mind information from this Extension publication about How to Decide When to Remove a Tree:


Thank you for your response. The canopy is full of pinkish leaves blooms late ,It is a different type of dogwood,No dead brances had been noticed it looks like it has small buds now

Good. Keep an eye on it, and feel free to send us photos during the growing season if you have further questions.


Thank you