I found piles of rabbit fur, mostly the soft underbelly in my yard along with...

Asked February 6, 2017, 6:15 PM EST

I found piles of rabbit fur, mostly the soft underbelly in my yard along with some regular fur. It appears there was a scuffle in a 3 foot area of the grass, which is inside a 3' fence. I believe this happened in the late afternoon. I have 2 small dogs and am wondering if you might have any ideas what type of animal did this. I have not found the other parts of the rabbit but I also didn't look under all of the pine trees in my yard either. Any guesses would be appreciated. I am most concerned about coyotes, which I know could clear the fence if they wanted to. Thank you for your help! Tammy Davidson

Greene County Ohio

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First, I apologize for the delayed response. This question was assigned to me while I was on sick leave.

To address your question, I would be simply guessing at what could have been the potential predator, if in fact this was the actual cause of the rabbits loss of fur. Rabbits do have a wide range of predators ranging from predatory birds to larger animals such as coyotes. It may be in your benefit to inquire with neighbors to see if any out of the ordinary wildlife sightings have been made. Otherwise, I would suggest keeping a close eye on small animals, not allowing them to roam too freely as it can prove to be hazardous. Another suggestion would be to contact the Greene County Division of Wildlife as they are a great resource for more detailed information that may be able to give you more piece of mind.

Brian Kleinke