Replacing aspens on the Front Range

Asked February 6, 2017, 5:08 PM EST

I had 5 aspen trees in my front yard that were roughly 25 years old. One fell last year in a spring snow storm and the others started weeping from the bark and getting discolored. A few different arborists said they were dying so I had them removed. Now I am looking for something to replace them, but I'd rather not do aspens again. The trees were 6 - 10 feet from the house and were over 25 feet tall. Are there any deciduous trees that could replace aspens that close to a house?

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The CSU Fact Sheet on Small Deciduous Trees,, contains many options for you to choose from. As you are researching, consider

  1. water requirements (lower water users are better when located close to a foundation)
  2. Light requirements
  3. Dimensions: being 6-10 feet from the house, you will need to choose trees with a 12 - 20 foot mature spread.
Some options from this list for you to consider:
  • Several of the Hawthorns (Cratageus sp)
  • Several of the Prunus sp
  • Sorbus aucuparia (Cardinal Royal Mountain Ash)
  • Crimson Spire Oak (Quercus x ‘Crimschmidt’) 45 x 15 - gets much taller (45 ft.), but would be within the width requirement. This is from the Large Deciduous list

As you are researching, cross check your considerations against the Front Range Tree Recommendation List It gives letter grades to tree varieties, along with some recommendations & limitations.

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