Discouraging Deer Browsing

Asked February 3, 2017, 10:48 AM EST

I live in Baltimore City and am having a problem with deer eating ornamental garden plants and bushes--especially hosta and euonymus. I would like to put in some plants that might keep deer away from them. I've read your pamphlets, including advice on plants that deer are unlikely to damage. However, I can't find advice on plants that might actually keep deer away. Are there any such plants? Thank you.


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We know your frustration.
If deer are hungry enough they will eat almost any plant. That's why you often see lists divided into "resistant" categories. Some, unfortunately like your hosta though, are considered what we'd call 'deer candy'.
You certainly could try planting less desireable plants around your garden as a physical barrier, or strong smelling plants to deter, but often that's not practical or necessarily successful.
A combination of approaches usually works best, with fencing and repellent smelling products (with repeat applications about every two weeks) working best. One of the best helps is having a dog that spends some time outside.
This page has some interesting approaches: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/20-ways-to-keep-deer-out-your-yard#mid-0