Asked February 2, 2017, 10:18 PM EST

I have lived in the upper rogue area for some 40 years, The last 24 in Trail here Big Butte Creek meets the Rogue River. Our soil is not the best. It is more like we live on top of a shale pit with volcanic ash and rock mixed in. The property has a mixture of Red Fir, Pine and Oak on it. Over the years it seems like the grasses that we had have been taken over by Fox Tail type grass. Is there a way have better grasses growing for the wild life? I see you have a couple of classes on Feb. 21st that might help. Thanks , Pat McCoy

Jackson County Oregon

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hello.. I'm not sure how I got this message, but I'll give you what little info. I can, then you likely should consult your county agent. Fox tail is a highly adaptable grass and oftentimes takes-over (along with annual bluegrass and a number of other species). Once any grass has established itself, its difficult to introduce another, desirable one, without the use of chemicals and/or cultivation. You can break-up the ground (summerfall is maybe the best (continually stir up the ground as the established species continue to try and root, thus killing the plant, or greatly diminishing its root system. Then introduce the desired grass seed just before the fall rains. You might have to start with an annual ryegrass to quickly establish itself, mixed with a fescue or bentgrass that will take-over when the faster growing, shallower rooted annual dies-off ... or that's the theory. You can do the same thing by spraying-out the foxtail and re-seeding the same seed types as mentioned. Either way, it is work with sometimes marginal results.