i think i purchased fake health plan

Asked February 2, 2017, 2:26 PM EST

Good afternoon, dear expert! My name is Shuuder Sharavsengee and i'm an international student here. Every international student needs to have health insurance and my school insurance told me their plan was around 2,000$ until August. They told me i can waive the insurance if i have another health insurance which should meet certain requirements. I thought its pretty pricey and bought health insurance from "isoa.org". However, i heard there are lots of fake health insurance plan. How can i know this website is safe? Thank you

Arlington County Virginia

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All health insurance purchased by individuals should be bought through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. If the organization that you purchased from is listed in the marketplace, you're fine. If not, you may want to try to get a refund and purchase a plan through the marketplace.