Pea Plant Issue

Asked February 2, 2017, 1:35 PM EST

Every year I plant peas. They come up great, start producing then fairly quickly the plants start dying back/drying out. I thought it was maybe cutworms so I started planting the seed in TP rolls to protect them but still the plants are dying off. The garden gets water every other day so I don't believe lack of water is the issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Donna

Anoka County Minnesota

3 Responses

Garden peas are a cool weather crop. You have not said when you actually plant them and when they start producing. Also, the variety may be one that produces and then dies back. Please read through our publication on growing peas and see what clues apply to your particular problem. It may just be the variety or time of year.

Hi! I read thru your info prior to submitting my question and nothing there seems to fit the issue I am having. I have planted very early in the season and waited a bit. Neither of the times seem to make a difference. The variety of pea I am planting is called Green Arrow. Do you have suggestions for any other variety? I like the Green Arrow because there are sometimes up to a dozen peas in a pod. I am willing to try another variety if it will produce more/longer. I usually only get enough pods over a couple weeks to fill 3 or 4 one cup containers because the plants start browning and dying back sometimes even before they start producing.

I personally grow Mr. Big. As I mentioned, peas are a cool weather crop. Mine are planted in an area that gets afternoon shade and I mulch the soil around the vines with dry grass clippings to help keep the ground cool. There are several varieties recommended for our area. Here is a link to our listing of vegetable varieties. There is a section for garden peas, snap peas and snow peas: