Tank size

Asked February 1, 2017, 6:35 AM EST

Is an 80 gallon tank too big for an adult corn snake. i need to know because my tank is custom made and my father wants it to be 120 centimeter long, 50 centimeter wide and 50 centimeter high. I am planning on decorating the tank to be as natural as possible with many hides. Will the size be a problem.

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An 80 gallon tank is a good size for an adult cornsnake. You can also go smaller (though I would not recommend any smaller than a 20 gallon long) or larger. Obviously, be sure to provide a temperature gradient for thermoregulation.

thanks for the response.

also do corn snakes need UVB lighting and supplements cause i watch alot of videos and they neer use supplements for reptiles.

Unlike many lizards, snakes do not require UVB lighting (as long as they have an under-tank heat source) or dietary supplements (as long as you are feeding them whole mice).