Asked January 31, 2017, 4:53 PM EST

I am a master gardener, new to Corvallis, and am taking the permaculture design course through OSU right now. This week our topic is soil and in one of our projects we are being asked to name possible sources of compost or compostable materials (surplus leaves for instance) in our area. I have been searching the internet and don't find any sources jumping out at me so I finally ended up here and thought asking my fellow master gardeners would be a great resource. Thank you for your time, Melissa

Benton County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about composting! (I'm both a Master Recycler and a Master Gardener, so this is where my two passions overlap!) As a start, here's a link to the Metro overview of composting in general. And here's a comprehensive chart, with both things you should and should not add. Here's an article from another source, with similar points.

And don't forget vermicomposting! Here's a very thorough article about worm composting on farms, from Nova Scotia, that you might find interesting.

I'm glad you're taking the permaculture design course. I took it last year--but couldn't get the plan development to operate after I'd finished it.

Hope this is helpful!