Mole Elimination

Asked January 31, 2017, 1:04 PM EST

I am looking for an effective means to eliminate moles from property. Moles are continuously burrowing in the yard and pastures. Trapping and repellants seem to be a inefficient means for combatting large surface areas. Moles have invade my well house this winter (I suppose for protection from the cold) and completely uprooted the dirt floor.

Is there an electronic device to insert into the soil which will create an unsuitable environment for their habitat?

I would appreciate suggestions.

Fayette County Texas

1 Response

I am not aware of any electronic devices available, however doesn't mean there isn't anything available. Below is a link that one of my colleagues in East Texas put together, and the other is a pocket gopher publication.

Trapping is the main method of control that I am aware of.