Hardy kiwi in MD, pest or no?

Asked January 30, 2017, 9:21 PM EST

In my attempt to make my yard more and more edible, I ordered some hardy kiwi, but a garden-enthusiast friend said they need more space than I have (1/10 of an acre that already has a fig, apple, and cherry tree, oh, and the house). She also said they may be thugs. So, I've got 2 female and one male coming. What is the best environment for them, and how do I keep them under control? I don't have a lot of full-sun places left for them, either. And compatible planting suggestions? Anything I should keep them away from? Or near? Advice?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hardy kiwi is not invasive in Maryland yet, though it is a rampant grower and will require vigilant pruning. Here is cultural information: http://extension.psu.edu/plants/gardening/fphg/hardy-kiwi

With limited space, you may be more satisfied with red raspberries, black raspberries and blackberries. They can all handle less than full sun and are fairly pest free.