plant name

Asked January 28, 2017, 6:46 AM EST

I was admiring these flowers from a photo on a calendar and was wondering what the name was, also would this be a plant i could purchase at my local garden center this spring?

Carroll County Maryland

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These are called primrose, and we agree they are lovely.
The are grown most often as disposable houseplants, coming to market right about now, in the depths of winter when those vibrant colors are most welcome.
Keep an eye out at nurseries, and commonly, grocery store floral departments starting now- they'll be there well before spring and are usually pretty inexpensive. Two or 3 in a basket makes a nice display. Choosing your favorite color is the hardest part!

To keep them happy, keep them well watered/moist, but don't allow them to sit in water. Remove spent blooms, stem and all, and tidy up yellowing leaves. After enjoying them on your table, they can be planted in the garden after they are bloomed out and the soil warms...and they may come back and bloom in the early spring in future years, but they are generally not long-lived.