What is the germest place in a school

Asked January 27, 2017, 1:33 PM EST

what do you think it is I would realy like some suggestions please!

Cerro Gordo County Iowa

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Several studies have been done to identify some of the germiest paces in schools. Most are small studies in elementary schools. Some of the places where germs were found in quantity include the water fountain (both spigot and handle), keyboards, surfaces of texting devises (iPads, iPods, phones) and computer mouse, desktops and tables such as in the cafeteria, library and classroom, cafeteria trays and lunch boxes, student hands and animal cages. In the restroom, germs were found on the toilet seat, but more were found on the restroom door.

Knowing the harboring places and focusing cleaning of those areas on a regular basis will help to reduce the bacterial count and protect children from potential disease. To access information on the studies, search for the germiest places in schools.