Queen Palm tree issue/concern

Asked January 27, 2017, 12:40 PM EST

I recently moved into a house w pool and palm trees in Friendswood. One tree fell during bad weather. Which made me take notice of their trees. About 4 ft up noticeable cracks and splits. Trying to determine if palms are dying and need to be replaced due to Ganoderm,freeze damage or other damage. I can send pictures. Some spots bark will pull off and base is wearing away at ground level. And to see if they can be saved or braced. I can send pictures. Thank you!

Galveston County Texas

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Unfortunately, Queens are just not that cold hardy down here. 99 percent of the time, they are stellar. Until we get a hard freeze.

Repair, etc. I think isn't an option. Once the trunk is significantly compromised, it really becomes a safety hazard. The tops are heavy and can come down any time without early signs.

This said, if the palms are in areas that might hurt someone or damage a structure, my recommendation would be to have them removed. If damage is minimal, you may be fine, but once a large percentage of the truck circumference is damaged, they could break.

Trick of the trade is a screwdriver. Push the tip into effected areas. If it penetrates, it's not good. If it resists, you may be ok.

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