Frogs in my man made pond

Asked January 27, 2017, 9:43 AM EST

We are always delighted to see the frogs cone. Where do they come from? I am upset to see that they are now dead floating in the water! How can I prevent them from dying? We have had frozen water and thawing this year so far. Why did they did. And what can I do to prevent it next year? Thank you

Washington County Rhode Island

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Frogs burrow into the mud in the bottom of the pond and hibernate there for he winter. They can breathe through their skin and this makes this type of hibernation possible. The few aquatic plants that survive in the pond throughout the winter will take the sunlight coming through the ice and through photosynthesis will produce oxygen during the day. This oxygen is used by fish and the frogs to survive the winter in the pond under the ice. Now, if it snows and ice is covered with snow the plants cannot get the sunlight and photosynthesis stop and there is no oxygen and you can have a winter fish kill in the pond and the frogs will die as well. So often pond owner will shovel the snow off the pond to create areas where the sunlight can get through. You do not have to shovel off the entire pond. Just some areas so sunlight can penetrate the ice. Also, be careful and do not go out on the pond if the ice is not thick enough. You should be tied to a safety rope and you should have other people there to help you if you fall thru the ice. Good luck with your pond and your frogs!