Weeds in lawn

Asked January 27, 2017, 9:23 AM EST

Can you identify and recommend ways to control/eliminate the weed pictured in the attached file.

Montgomery County Maryland

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If this greens up each year, it is a perennial grassy weed, likely bermuda/wire grass, which creeps, or nimblewill, which forms slowly expanding circular patches.

Here is our lawn weeds gallery page where you can see them and compare: http://www.extension.umd.edu/hgic/lawns/lawn-weed-identification#grassysummer
Click on the photos for more information.

If you have a lot of weeds in your lawn, it may be time for a lawn renovation next late summer into fall.
Here is our lawn renovation page which includes links to our publication which covers all the particulars on how to go about this: http://www.extension.umd.edu/hgic/lawns/lawn-renovation


What do you recommend to eliminate small patches ?

Control options are covered under the weed gallery pages given above.

For instance, here is the wiregrass page: http://www.extension.umd.edu/hgic/bermudagrass