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Asked January 26, 2017, 7:45 PM EST

What are the passing standards to meet the minimum requirements for an agricultural producer to become certified as a sustainable farming operation?


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Hello, There are several different standards that producers can be certified to that relate to the sustainability of farming practices. These include USDA National Organic Program, Salmon Safe and Food Alliance. The NOP is the only one of these three with legal standing and enforcement, the others are private standards.

I hope this helps.

Thank you Nick. I am a food alliance certified grower of vegetables for Norpac foods. Just wanted to make sure OSU was giving out accurate advice. We family farmers need as much help as we can get sharing our story of how we are the very best stewards of the resources we have been given while on this earth. Most people especially those in the U.S. have believed the lie that we farmers can't be trusted to provide healthy food while protecting even improving the environment for the benefit of man and and animals. To prove my statement, just loom at what is required to pass the test to become certified sustainable. Then on order to maintain that certification, we have to improve every year! Wes Pilcher Jefferson Or.

Thanks for letting me know Wes! I haven't done Food Alliance inspections, but I know they are thorough. Before starting at OSU I did Organic and Salmon Safe farm inspections. For conscientious farmers every day is Earth Day.