What can we do NOW about chick weed growing in the garden?

Asked January 26, 2017, 12:48 PM EST

Last year our community garden was hit with massive amounts of chick weed growing in our beds in early spring. Yesterday, I noticed it appears to be growing in among the clover cover crop we planted. Without any killing freeze, I am afraid it will take off with a vengeance this spring. What can we do NOW to maybe kill of the chick weed that is growing? One thought I had would be to simply turn the soil over to expose the root system of the weeds to any hopefully colder/freezing weather yet to come? What do you think and what other suggestions to you have to address this issue?

Baltimore Maryland vegetable chickweed in cover crops

1 Response

If you can pull it or turn the soil over without bothering your clover, you certainly could do this, but it isn't necessary. You can simply turn it under along with the clover in the spring.