Lawn + Dogs

Asked January 26, 2017, 11:30 AM EST

Is there a type of grass that is tough enough for large dogs? We have GSD's and the existing lawn has many bare spots where they have pulled the grass up as the run. The soil underneath seems to be weak as well and the grass type is unknown. We're willing to start from a new lawn from scratch. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Best,

Howard County Maryland

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It is not easy to have a lawn and dogs. You did not mention the site and how much sun or shade you have. If you get about 4 hours of sunlight you should plant tall fescue for full sun to part shade. If you have shade then consider fine fescue. However, this is snot a good combination for dogs. Fine fescue does not tolerate a lot of foot traffic.
You may need to divide your yard in half and restrict your dogs from going into the area where you are trying to establish a lawn and then work on the other side. The best times to seed are late summer-early fall to late winter into early spring. If you have dogs, you may find that you need to overseed in the fall as a general practice.
Another option is mulching areas for the dog instead of planting grass.
Here is a good article on lawns and dogs
Here is our publication on Establishing a Lawn. Begin with a soil test.