Human/bagworm contact

Asked January 26, 2017, 3:12 AM EST

Can a bagworm actually live inside the human body. I acquired morgellons disease this past october. I think i got it from messing with a tree that has bagworm on it,im almost positive. What falls from my body appears to look like dead flat bagworms with silk string attached

1 Response

No. Bagworms are not human parasites. And Morgellon's is not a recognized medical condition among the general medical community and no evidence of a real syndrome was seen in a 2012 CDC study assigned to look at suspected cases

I encourage anyone who suspects they have Morgellons or think they are being infested with tiny insects that cannot be readily diagnosed by an entomologist or pest control professional to talk with a doctor, and be open to the suggestion that insects/arthropods may not be the cause.