Late-season corn in Willamette Valley

Asked January 25, 2017, 8:25 PM EST

Hi there, I'm doing a research project and wondering about growing corn that ripens late (say mid-late October) in the Willamette Valley. How dependent on autumn irrigation/rain that would be to fully ripen? How much water would it take? Do a lot of farmers grow late season corn around here? Is there much a market for it? Would it be sweet corn or dent corn? Thank you!

Lane County Oregon

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In the Willamette Valley region is not uncommon for farmers to harvest sweet corn in September, though a majority would already be harvested by October. Most of the corn that you would see harvested in October is "field corn" used for silage and other animal feed.

Most of the sweet corn is grown on contract for a processor. Some is sold fresh to stores and direct to consumers through farmers markets and road side stands.

The OSU Horticulture Department has many Extension publications and research papers on sweet corn production. Here is the link to those resources: