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Asked January 25, 2017, 7:25 PM EST

Hi, I was wanting an explanation on why CSU charges so much for soil soil test? Other states have Extension offices that don't charge anything to residents. Some Extension offices are charging $4 during their busy months. In the 1980's the extension office on Broadway at the time did soil and plant test. Is it because CSU is the only testing facility in the state? Does CSU have a Colorado monopoly going on? Isn't CSU's tuition expensive enough? Doesn't CSU get a trump load of federal funding? CSU charges so much people are not doing soil test and just dumping a ton of fertilizer down polluting the land and water. Where else other than CSU can I get a soil test in Colorado? james.self@colostate.edu says CSU soil test are better than any
other testing facility in the nation. What makes CSU different? Why would CSU be any better than any other college or testing facility? The point of learning new technology would be to share with other schools to advance the world we live in? Does that mean CSU does not share the newest technology and what they discover with the rest of the nation? I just don't understand? I thought schools helped other schools learn. Other states have Extension offices that don't charge anything to residents for soil test. I'm not sure what Arapahoe county extension office does besides referrals to CSU. It seems like CSU and Arapahoe county extension office are becoming one in the same. That means You should no longer receive tax money from Arapahoe County if Your serving CSU and rest of the state. The Extension office here in Arapahoe County apparently now at CSU have never helped anyone I know of other than referring elsewhere. What is Extension offices purpose? What do You do? In other states the extension officer is personally known by half the county it serves. Can You explain? I just want to understand.
Changing subject slightly.
Is 4H helped out by the extension office? I was not offered 4H here in town. Can You tell me more about it? What agencies help 4H? Is there an adult version of 4H? How do adults get that knowledge, help, learning experience?

Is there a 4H program teaching energy to kids? Basically instead of growing plants and animals, they would be creating energy? Solar, wind generation, and renewable energy is needed in rural America for farms and ranches to become more sustainable, which is what most small farmers and ranchers are trying to achieve.

Thank You, Chris

Arapahoe County Colorado

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The CSU Soil Test Lab offers a Routine soil test for $35. It includes tests for soil pH, salinity (electrical conductivity), texture, fertility, and lime. Additional tests are available for additional cost. http://www.soiltestinglab.colostate.edu/

Dr. Jim Self is the Soils Lab Director: james.self@colostate.edu or (970) 491-5061

Here is a CSU Extension publication that lists other regional soil testing labs; a few of these are in the Denver metro area.


Garden centers sell soil test kits that range in cost from about $10 to $200 or more. As you might expect, the less expensive ones generally offer fewer types of test results and those tests may be less accurate.