Air Quality Test for Pork Processing Plant

Asked January 25, 2017, 12:56 PM EST

I operate a pork plant that harvests and fabricates 1000 hogs per day. We are experiencing carcass cooler condensation on a daily basis. The USDA suggests employing the services of an induatrial air flow specialists to examine the air conditions throughout the plant. Do you have any suggestions where I might find that expert? Thanks. Russ Kremer Manager

Polk County Missouri

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When you have excess condensation in cold storage, it is because you do not have enough capacity to dehumidify the air as you are cooling it.

Basically, you want an HVAC equipment contractor with dehumidification experience in large cold storages or a mechanical engineering firm with significant cold storage design experience. If you cannot locate one in Springfield, a firm from Kansas City or St. Louis could come evaluate the problem and suggest a solution. A site visit by them would likely be required in order to ensure the problem is correctly understood before solutions can be offered.

For companies with expertise in psychrometrics and large commercial refrigeration units, I suggest you contact one or more of the firms below:

Howell Commercial Refrigeration

I-44 Cold Storage (they may have the contact for the contractor they use)

Kraft Bulk Cheese Storage (they may have the contact for the contractor they use)

Less likely to have industrial expertise, but possibly worth a call would be:

Best Refrigeration

Baird Refrigeration