pruning/trimming arborvitae in winter?

Asked January 25, 2017, 12:11 PM EST

is it okay to trim (lightly prune) large established arborvitae in the cold months of the year, or might it do them some harm should a cold snap ensue?

Benton County Oregon

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Winter is not the time to prune or trim arborvitae. The best time to prune arborvitae is in the Spring. Arborvitae should be pruned annually. If your arborvitae has not been trimmed or pruned for a while, don’t try to do a ‘heavy catch-up’ prune all at once, prune a little each year.

Here is an excellent pamphlet from the University of New Hampshire that is a good guide for pruning all evergreen trees and shrubs.

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