Radon Gas

Asked January 24, 2017, 4:01 PM EST

I live on Farmer's Loop in a little 20' X 24' cabin. My foundation is Post and Pile with rock underneath because the location is within the zone of semi-discontinuous permafrost. I think I may be a good 1.5' to 2' off of the ground. Anyway, I assume that my cabin would be a low risk for Radon Gas since I don't have a foundation that is down on or into the ground. Would this assumption be correct. Thanks Lisa Stuby

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska

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Hi Farmer's Loop Resident,

Correct- if you are on pad and post foundation, any radon should evacuate from under the house before any would get into the dwelling. Feel free to ask me any other questions on this by calling my office phone of 907-474-6366; and thanks for being concerned about radon!